Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wicker Man - Movie Review

Friday Matt and I went to see the Wicker Man. I’m so glad that we didn’t pay full price to see the movie because I may have had to write the company and ask for my money back. It was horrible many many plot holes and unexplained situations.

*** SPOILERS ***

Unlike some people I understood many of the basics quite early on.
One it’s an island where the men are submissive in all forms to women. It’s wasn’t hard to figure out.
Two they are a Pagan community – it wasn’t hard to figure out when everyone was talking about seasonal festivals and walking around in animal costumes.

But there were many things that bothered me or I didn’t think were explained well enough…you may need to have seen the movie to fully comprehend and there are many additional answers/theories on imdb message boards if you wish to check them out.

Whether or not his friend, the woman police officer which came to his house and later in a flashbacked turned into bees was in on the whole plan.

There were many twins on the island but this was never explained… could it have been the selective breeding taking place?

If ultimately they wanted Cage brought to the island why did they then kill the pilot? And secondly if they killed the pilot because they didn’t want the police coming around and asking questions to him about Cage wouldn’t his family put out a missing person’s report for him and since he was the only supplier of goods to the island it’s a place the police would stop and ask questions about the pilot. And if the police did show up they would defiantly see his plane that they sunk since it was barely off shore and in shallow water. Also if this type of thing went on every year or even every bad year (as some have suggested) then sooner or later someone is going to put two and two together and realize that there are a lot of island pilots which go missing.

In addition to the basics and missing pieces I was also greatly disturbed by the way they had Cage running around the island. He was a brute of a police officer who continually made fun of the culture around him and flashed his badge as though he had some type of authority over the island inhabitants. It was a character which seemed to scream the typical over zealous police stereotype.

I think this movie is just another case of the Cage curse. He’s not a bad actor he just does shitty movies.