Saturday, December 29, 2007

Journeyman - Is it the end?

So I’ve been down with a cold for the last few days which is why I’d like to say I haven’t updated but basically it’s just because I’m lazy. That and we got a Wii for Christmas.

But I do have an update tonight; sadly it’s a bad one. I recently found out that one of my favorite shows Journeyman has been canceled. Well not technically canceled yet but hasn’t been picked up for a second season. The rumor on the street is if the writers strike continues it stands a chance of being brought back. This leaves me torn, I don’t want the writers to be without work, but I really want my show back.

It saddens me that once again the networks have taken off a great show in order to continue to play reality tv crap. How many more of these shows can we take before viewers lose all sense of reason? Journeyman was a show with depth, great plot line,
actors that connected on screen, and a fresh idea. And let's not forget thankfully it wasn't another reality show. Yet, with all these qualities NBC has decided that once again another show they placed in the Monday night 10 pm time slot wasn't worthy of a second season. How many times will networks make decisions that kill wonderfully thought provoking programs while shoving another prime time reality disaster down our throats?

In fact after canceling Journeyman it seems all NBC has left is more reality shows that I think most Americans can agree we've seen enough of. I find it sad that a large network like NBC would continue to air shows like; Jay Leno's Garage, Clash of the Choirs, Americas Got Talent, and Last Comic Standing over quality programming.

You might say I’m going too far but I blame decisions like this for the moral decay of society. What happened to quality programming? It saddens me to see our youth learning their principles from shows like Family Guy, the Apprentice, and My Name is Earl. Journeyman was my ray of hope that good television was making a come back, but a lass it seems once again I gave too much credit. This is the last show I will get hooked on only to see it tossed in the trash after one season. I rarely watch new shows because I’m scared of this exact thing happening. I get hooked on a show and then some over paid executive cancels it so they have more air time for American Idol or Survivor.

Through my angry searches for more information about this incident I did run a cross another blogger who shares my same outlook about NBC and Journeyman. You can read his comments on the matter at Paul Levinson’s Blog

What really bothers me about all of this is the fact I didn’t even know I was watching the last episode until after it was done. NBC did so little advertising for the show and never once mentioned it was done. That’s just low in my opinion.

I’m sorry to say NBC has lost a loyal viewer, I can no longer continue to watch sub par programming. The only hope I have besides the writers strike is that another network will use some common sense and pick up Journeyman next season.

I wrote a letter containing many of these thoughts and emailed them to a few people over at NBC. I’m hoping to get some snail mail out this week regarding the issue. If you would like to send NBC your thoughts and support on Journeyman feel free to use and spread these contacts to friends. Maybe if enough of us make our feelings known we can bring Journeyman back for another season.


Vince Manze, President of Scheduling at NBC

Jeff Zucker president and chief executive officer:

Joanne Park – in charge of journeyman

Marc Hirshfeld – Executive VP, Casting:

Mitch Metcalf - Program Planning & Scheduling:

Lisa VebberSenior - Scheduling & Strategic Analysis:


Ben Silverman,
Co-Chairman of NBC Entertainment
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA

Jeff Zucker c/o NBC
Re: Journeyman
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

NBC Universal, Inc.
Attn: Keep Journeyman
30 Rockefeller Plaza 5224
New York, NY 10112-0002


Petition online


Thursday, December 13, 2007

My thoughts on the Piñata

You know what I got to thinking about today?

Why your probably asking – well let me tell you why my dear friends.

In our society we hear all the time how our children are being warped by all the violence in video games and television. And I tend to agree at least with the statement that things have gotten more violent, whether or not “Call of Duty” or “Grand Theft Auto” are to blame, I don’t know.

But I do know our entertainment has always been a little violent. I mean look at Tom & Jerry or even Popeye. Hell even the Care Bears had that wicked stare. Most of the shows youths watch revolve around the good guys beating up on some villain they’ve decided is deserving for their wrath.

But the Piñata is my favorite. It’s been around for centuries and is a whimsical game played at celebrations, but what is the Piñata really? Take away the cultural aspects and a Piñata becomes a paper Mache figure decorated in bright happy colors in which you take a bat or stick and beat the crap out of it for fun. Children mutilate these toys until they’re beyond recognition and what is their reward? Candy of course. Rather than guts the sweet filled animal contains suckers, chocolates, gummies, and usually small toys. What exactly does this practice teach our children; sub conscience or not? Violence has always been all around us just the graphic, realistic and reasoning behind it has changed. We used to bash open Piñatas for the candy inside now we blow away the competition with AK47’s so we can see their body parts spewed all over. And do you remember when Mom’s were upset over the original Mortal Combat because a red line that somehow represented blood would on occasion fly out if you hit your opponent hard enough. Maybe the problem isn’t that things are more violent in nature its that they’re more realistic. What once was a red line shooting out an arm is now a pile of intestines, limbs, and blood thrown on the ground as an aftermath.

Maybe we should just go back to the Piñata, an apparently harmless form of violence in the eyes of America.

Just my random illogical rant on Piñatas.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


So Matt and I finally watched Transformers the other day. Actually it weeks ago but this is the internet so it was the other day in my time.

Honestly, I know Transformers received some high reviews, but I just wasn’t impressed. And here’s why…. I can handle a movie passing off fighting robots or whatever but not that our government would allow two college students access to their computer systems and national defense systems. And if those agents aren’t on enough drugs we’ve got another unit allowing a teenage boy and his recent girlfriend to boss them around just because he found the car and his great grandfather might have had a connection. Come on, our military would just ride in there, steal the car and never accept blame or admit they couldn’t do something. they certainly wouldn’t accept help from non government officials of this age.

The only reason these young actors/actresses are in the movie is to draw in a younger viewer demographic. If you’re like Matt your rebuttal is that “it’s just a fictional movie and I should calm down, because there are robots talking on the screen”. I’m just sick and tired of Hollywood treating all movie viewers like we’re freaking zombies and don’t pick up on these things. I’m even sadder that so many of the viewers prove them right.

The people who enjoyed Transformers are probably the same people who feel Gattaca isn’t Sci-Fi enough because they still use elevators. Bad Zombies Bad. Gattaca is one of the most realistic Sci-Fi movies out there for reasons that they are still using things like elevators. What do you expect them to teleport everywhere? They use elevators and cars because they still work, just like we do today. Henry Ford first mass produced the Model T in 1908 and although the technology and look has changed we’re still driving them. Why wouldn’t we continue to do so? Its only a few years in the future, this isn’t the Jetson’s.

The moral of my story is, if you’re looking for a good Sci-Fi put down Transformers and rent Gattaca instead.

But what can I say I have a feeling I’m going to love the new National Treasure even though it has Cage in it and is pretty fantasy filled. Like the government would ever give them five percent, they’d lock them up fast and keep all the goods themselves. So I guess I am a hypocrite after all.

“Why are we fighting to save the humans? They're a primitive, violent race.”

And this one because it’s a line I can relate to: “So I downloaded a couple thousand songs off the internet! Who hasn't? Who hasn't?”