Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today in passing at work someone said to me “oh well you can’t predict the weather” and it got me thinking. Yes we can.

In fact there is a whole profession dedicated to it. Meteorology. And while those in the profession might not be able to predict the weather by 100% they do a pretty darn good job in my opinion.

So the next time someone tells you we can’t predict the weather gracefully explain to them you think the National Weather Service would beg to differ.

And with that I’m also proposing we get rid of this clearly outdated saying and start using something like, “You can’t fly to Pluto in a day”. Now in 100 years this may be outdated as well, but until then I think we’re better off. Let’s not continue to down play all the things we’ve accomplished in the last 100 years, predicting the weather included.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


The fam and I traveled to Stratford this last weekend to see the Merchant of Venice. The town of Stratford is absolutely wonderful. I love the main streets with the little shops, if it wasn’t located in the depths of Canada I could see us moving there, owning a little shop (maybe used books), and then just closing down for the winter and reading. Sadly, Canada is a dumping ground for way too much snow. We’re trying to leave the snowy regions not move further north.

Our reason for visiting Canada wasn’t to see the shops, but to visit the Stratford Festival of Canada in its 55th season. We watched the The Merchant of Venice which over all I absolutely loved. The acting was wonderful and I loved seeing the play in what I am calling a “Shakespearian” setting. No bright lights, microphones, or other overly flashy elements. I have seen many on Broadway plays and this one ranks over most of them. Just goes to show you don’t need all that extra fluff to have a great play and evening. The play did have many modern basics worked in with their costumes, music, and transportation. I liked this aspect, while I wouldn’t go as far to call this play one of Shakespeare’s most timeless works the modern day aspects were easily worked in and really added to the night. Plus I got a pin and you know how that makes my day. I’m still digesting how I feel about the plays message and ending, I had read a little about it before going but hadn’t read the play and wasn’t prepared for everything we got.

We stayed in the Arden Park hotel, which was so nice and large, held five of us with no problems. Very clean, friendly staff, and its only a short walking distance from the Festival theater. Stay there if you go and can get a room.

On our trip home we stopped in a slightly smaller nearby village of which I have a special connection with. Unfortunately, it wasn’t everything I believed it would be, but at least I was there and I have pictures to prove it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Harry Plopper

Saw Harry Plopper with the family last week, in IMAX. I gave my family a lot of crap but it really wasn’t that bad of a movie. I haven’t seen a Harry movie since like the first or second one so it was interesting to see them more mature, especially after seeing the naked pictures of Harry (Caution not work safe) from the play ‘Equus’.

My only real issue was at the end during our 20 minutes of action packed excitement right after the Dark Lord Vader emerged I kept waiting for someone to tell Harry to use the force. I waited and waited but it never came. I figure if you’re going to use the same plot as Star Wars or you know World War II you could at least throw a few lines in there. How hard would it be to have Harry lose a hand or let Dumbledore grow a toothbrush moustache? I don't think I'm asking too much, all the other movies coming out of Hollywood have been remakes lately, why not this one?

I suspect the Nargles are behind it

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Simpson's Movie

So Matt made me go see The Simpson Movie last week. I must say it wasn’t as bad as I expected. It was basically like watching a long episode, which I knew going in so I was ready for it.

My main grip is having to hear everyone sing the “Spider Pig” song, hopefully that fades soon. I still have the song that never ends and the Freddy Krueger song run through my head every so often. Let’s just hope I’m not fifty singing

Spider pig, spider pig
Does whatever a spider pig does
Can he bounce, from a web
No he can’t, cause he’s a pig
Look out, he’s a spider pig,
Look, out he’s a spider piiiig!

I know we’ll be buying this movie when it comes out. If you’ve ever watched and enjoyed a Simpson’s episode you should probably check this out, even if only to say you’ve seen it.

Some advice: Stay for ALL the credits

-Some fun trivia-

Twentieth Century Fox registered the internet domain SIMPSONSMOVIE.COM on 22 April 1997, nine years before the movie finally was green lighted.

The choral version of "Spider Pig" from the movie soundtrack, credited to Hans Zimmer, reached #24 on the British singles chart for the week ending 08-05-2007. At 64 seconds, it is the shortest track to ever reach the British top 40.

Look at that, you can see the four states that border Springfield: Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Father of the Bride

We watched Father of the Bride on T.V. a few days ago. I had not seen it before, but had heard about it from many people.

The part I connected the most with, as many of you will guess, is the blender. In this movie the situation wasn’t as bad since it was technically a wedding gift, but I can totally relate to the brides dismay.

Matt and I have discussed this multiple times and we’ve concluded that house items are purchased for the house and gifts our purchased for us. I’m not the only one who uses a vacuum so why would I be the one to get the vacuum for a Christmas gift? Why is it that men get golf clubs, sport things, basically really cool guy gifts, but girls get towels, vacuums and blenders for gifts? Have we really made as much progress towards equal rights and progressive thinking as we say we have?

I can also admit that I have in the past committed one of these social faux pas. I have purchased dish towels and other kitchen accessories for a non wedding gift. And I feel bad about it. Why couldn’t I put a few more seconds of thought or a few more dollars into my gift selection – I had to just go with the typical “woman” gift? And yes of course I heard how that is really what she wanted and she always ask for them and of course after they were opened we heard thank you about how much she liked them, but did she really? Maybe she did, but what would she have liked more?

I mean come on really what woman… any woman wouldn’t like a piece of jewelry (non determinate of size) over a pair of dish towels. Or ok, let’s say you honestly just don’t like jewelry and wouldn’t use it like you would the towels. Isn’t there something/anything out there you would enjoy more? A nice CD, perfume, clothes, a book, something hand made and thoughtful, I can think of a hundred things I would like more than a set of dish towels; can’t you?

If our house needs dish towels or a new vacuum; preferably the Dyson Animal, then Matt and I will buy it together for the house. There is no way I’ll be opening even a set of dish towels on Christmas day, if so Matt will be opening the door to his new life… at the local motel.

So as many of you have probably realized I am a hypocrite. I say I won’t accept these gifts myself, but yet I give them out? That’s right I’m bad, but I vow from this point on to never commit such ghastly actions again and I employ you to do the same.

And now for my required bits:
If you’re like me and haven’t seen Father of the Bride yet, check it out, it’s worth the hour and a half not so much on Father of the Bride II.

”What is this, 1958? Give the little wife a blender? “