Sunday, November 15, 2009

We've Moved!

So this weekend Matt and I moved into our new house.
I wanted to put up a few pictures of our move and give some moving tips for everyone out there.
We all know it is important to plan ahead and do the best you can to make your move as easy as possible so follow along with my tips to a successful move.

First make sure to keep your new place as clean as possible when moving in. You don't want trash laying around while you are trying to set up spaces. Never just throw things around - you have to pick up after yourself. As you can see from the picture below Matt and I kept everything spotless during our move. It was very helpful and I know I won't be spending the next week picking up trash.

Just like above never just leave trash and other things in odd places. If you have a shelf you know you'll be using for bathroom supplies make sure to put them in immediately. Creating a mess in a location will only make unpacking that much harder. Things like Glass Cleaner, work gloves and appliance owner manuals should always be put in their proper places. Also make sure to eat healthy while you are moving. No McDonalds or other fast food restaurants, it will only create more clean up later.

I always make sure to unpack and decorate a room right away. The last thing you want is to be living in a room that isn't fully decorated, especially a master bedroom. It's important to get those things up right away.

Organization is very important, again if you have items to put in a room make sure to put them away immediately. What ever you do don't just take a tub of items and throw them in a room. This will undoubtedly cause you to rifle through the box later for those important items like a toothbrush or shampoo.

And lastly as you'll see below, make sure to set up the important spaces first. Things you will most need; bathrooms or a kitchen would make the most sense. Never waste time on your first day by setting up an office to make sure the internet works. Also what ever you do - DO NOT plug in and turn on a TV it will only halter your speed. Matt and I wait until we are fully moved in before becoming distracted by these electronics.

As you can see Matt and I followed all the following tips which is why we had a smooth and stress free move. Our house is fully decorated, things are put in their places, and we're ready to welcome guests. It also means we won't still be unpacking for years to come... or does it.

Post Translation: In reality our house is a mess, stuff is everywhere, I think we've run of out garbage bags for all the trash, and I can't see the kitchen counters. I'll be unpacking boxes for at least the next five years and the cats are scared to death of the hardwood floors.
Yet, we are here so mission accomplished right?