Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Big News

So Saturday I posted the big news about Owen and a promise that my posting would get better, but didn’t explain how/why that would happen. Well folks there are big changes coming for OnOurWay and the Harrison household. Yes, we’ve having a baby but there is also so much more that is going to happen.

July 1st will be my last day of work with my current company. Matt and I have worked really hard to lower our expenses, pay off debt and save up a nice emergency fund. Since January we’ve been paying all our bills with Matt’s income and saving mine (with a few exceptions). This has allowed us to also save up enough money that we plan to purchase a new “to us” vehicle in the next few months. For some odd reason GM did not design the two door Cavalier to be car seat friendly.

Our plan is for me to do the whole stay at home Mom thing for at least a few years (one minimum), but of course I’ll always be on the look out for ways to save/make money. I have quite a list started already.

But like I said I also have some ideas on how to improve OnOurWay. Of course the first few months after Owen is born will be hectic but once we get things settled down I plan to spend more time enhancing things around here. There are quite a few things I’ve wanted to do for a while but with working 45+ hours I just haven’t had time…. Ok ok I’ll be honest, what time I have had has been spent making/reading/preparing for a baby.

I do however plan to start adding many more reviews of not only local areas but lots of product reviews as well. I want to add more book reviews, ways for you earn money, and I’m expecting a lot more reader participation from you guys.

We’ll also get ourselves back on a blogging schedule (to be announced) and I’m willing to consider any ideas for items you guys would like to see on the blog. Feel free to send them my way through email. And remember these things won’t happen all at once but there will be steady improvement.


Nicole said...

I am so excited for all the positive and exciting chznges coming up for you!