Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is it 2011 already???

It’s a good thing I didn’t set any resolutions this year huh? If I had they most certainly would have included things like working out and posting more, both of which haven’t been done.

I do, however; have some things I would like to accomplish this year, for this blog and my own personal home. And even though it doesn’t seem like it one of them will be posting on a regular basis. I can’t promise an every day post but I’m shooting for good content at the very least once a week. Now that we’ve hit six months with Owen things in our home are finally starting to settle down and I feel I can once again devote time to On Our Way and getting our finances back on track. I won’t lie they have taken a back burner these last few months and it shows.

I was feeling a little “over whelmed” with how often some blogs post and my inability to keep up with them, but over time I have realized that while the sheer number of post on other blogs have gone up actual content has not. I want to provide the readers of OnOurWay useful content.

So what are my goals for this year

I plan to spend 2011 getting our finances back together which includes:
- Increasing our emergency back to $7,000
- Opening a Roth IRA
- Continuing to save for important things (Owen's education and a car fund)
- We also need to work on paying off our student loans this year. I hope to be able to get one fully paid off.

But of course I want to do more than just work on finances this year. I also want to spend a significant amount of time reducing the clutter in our lives, on a physical and mental basis. Each month I plan to pick a part of my life and clean it out. I’ll share each area and hope you’ll join me in paring down.

So lets get started….