Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 Entertainment Book

I just received my 2010 Entertainment Book last month. There are a ton of coupons and I can see how this book could help families save a lot of money – if you live in the right area. Unfortunately, Matt and I don’t live in the right area. We are located in Lansing, Michigan – there are books for the Grand Rapids and Saginaw areas, both of which are over an hour away from us.

Lansing is a larger city so I’m no sure why we don’t have a book (we are the capital city after all), but I suppose they left out Detroit as well. Anyway, driving over an hour to use a coupon reduces how much we’re actually savings. Even the coupons for major food franchises can only be used at select locations none of which are near us.

Because of this I’ll be giving away all of the local food/shop coupons or trying to sell them on ebay. There are a few national retailer with coupons listed and I do plan to make use of those throughout the year.

And I would suggest if you have a book for your actual area it might be worth looking into.