Sunday, October 4, 2009

September Financial Update

I haven't done a budget update since July but here is one for September.

As of October 1st our savings stand as follows:

Car: $4,701.95 Down from July $16 which isn't too bad considering we did an oil change, brake repair and purchased four tires during the last two months.

Emergency: $5,164.42 Fully funded an up $55 from July - not a lot but we're only putting 5% of the extra into this account at this point

Dream (early retirement): $1,348 Down a lot ($857.75) from July but as I stated back then we've been buying all the new things for our home from this account since that's what it was intended for. $500 for just paint, electrical supplies and various other odds and ends were all purchased with that money.

Total: $11,215.32
down ($810) - not how I would like the numbers to look but with the circumstances being as they are I can handle it.

I really hope we can stock a lot of money away during the last few months, but we also have more money to put into our new home before we can move in (refinishing the floors, etc) so we'll see how it ends.