Monday, March 22, 2010

Master Your Debt - Book Review

Last month I was sent Jordan Goodman’s new book, Master Your Debt: Slash your Monthly Payments and become Debt Free and asked me to review it for all the OnOurWay readers.

I think everyone knows by now just because someone sends me something does not mean I’ll gloss over a review, so when I say I really like something it’s the truth, and I really liked Master Your Debt.

In each chapter Goodman walks you through ways to decrease your expenses step by step. Whether you are just getting started or ready to make those final adjustments there is something for you to learn. This book is the most up to date listing of all the new policy and rule changes happening as we speak. My favorite chapters were those on the new mortgage and credit card regulations. Goodman not only shows readers how to use these programs to your advantage but also provides great resources to expand your knowledge.

In fact those extra resources are the thing that makes Master Your Debt unique. There are links and/or other contact information provided for just about every service Goodman writes on.

While Matt and I don’t need to pay off any credit card debt reading this has helped us re-focus our pay off plan for the debt we do have (mortgage and student loans). Everyone, no matter where you are your financial life, can use a little refresher now and again.

Of course the one thing that makes this book great for the reader today is the one downfall for the reader tomorrow. Goodman’s book is so up to date on current policy and programs it probably won’t be useful for most readers ten years from now. If you think you’ll want to give this book a read do it sooner rather than later. Right now you can pick it up for about $15 on or join the three other people on the waiting list at

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