Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jewelry Frame

Another great project from Joys Of Home. I decided to make some paper bead earrings and needed a way to display them when we attend craft fairs. I found this great tutorial and decided to make my own frame. Its kind of hard to see the earrings in the picture, sorry we were outside quickly taking pics.

Here's what I started with. The frame from Goodwill (already missing the glass and back) was 99 cents, sand paper $1.98 (5 pieces), 2 cans of black spray paint $.99 each at Wal-mart, and mesh from my Grandpa (Not pictured). I spray painted the frame, distressed it, and Matt stapled down the mesh.

Quite possibly one of the easiest crafts ever and it looks great for a display. I might make some smaller ones to sell if I ever see a few cheap frames for sale.