Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving recap

Hopefully everyone had a good holiday and weekend.

Matt and I had an uneventful holiday. I had to work the day after thanksgiving but Matt did pick me up a slow cooker. I have some big plans to make apple butter the next time applesauce goes on sale.

I've also spent some time this weekend thinking about the Wal-Mart incident on Black Friday. You can read the full article Here. I just find it so sad that a person lost their life so someone could save a few dollars. How will Christmas morning be for these shoppers? Knowing they killed someone for that digital camera. It really speaks volumes about human nature and the mass commercialism of our society.

We did earn a little money this week as well. In an effort to get a jump start on one of our 2009 goals (reducing our stuff) I listed a few of our gaming systems on craigslist. They were quickly snatched up and the success has made me excited to get even more items out of the house. The best part, craigslist is 100% free.