Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inexpensive spring gifts

So Mother’s day is over but I wanted to show you what I made for the Moms’ in my life this year. It would be a great gift idea for upcoming graduations or maybe even a spring birthday. I made three of these gifts for less than $10.

I took the simple clay pots and spray painted them with some red paint I had in the basement. After transplanting the flowers I tied some white ribbon from the craft room (more wedding leftovers) around them and included a card.

The end result; a nice easy gift that took me just a few minutes and dollars to make.

3 Flower bulbs (1.12) = $3.36
3 Clay pots (.77) = $2.31
Big bag of soil = $3.50

Total for three pots = $9.17 ($3.05 each)