Thursday, May 28, 2009

So, it’s official you can now call me a sheeple. I broke my own rule; reading a book only because everyone else has even though I don’t really want to. My Mom has been pestering me about reading the Twilight series for quite a while. Honestly I’m not really into romance- love stories or vampires. Whenever I would ask someone what the books were about they said it’s a romance with vampires, not overall very appealing to me as you can see. Yet, after four more co-workers trapped me at lunch to tell me all the reason I HAD to read them I gave in.

After spending most of Memorial day weekend without the internet I had a good few days to read all four books….and I did. And after now that it’s all done I must admit I’m glad I became a sheeple. : )

I LOVE this series, it is a vampire romance but not really. It’s so much more and less all at the same time. Basically it’s just a good read that makes need to turn the page.

Here is my review of all four books.

This was my favorite of the four. I love the relationship between Bella and Edward. The whole thing brought back high school memories, minus the vampires of course. Its relationships, conversations, and thoughts of all the characters kept me reading. I didn’t find it too lovey or gory.

New Moon:
This book is so hard to do a general review of without giving it away. I was disappointed in a few aspects of the book but once you get past page 400 or so it picks back up nicely. For all its faults and unwanted happenings that part of the story needed to be told so you can connect books three and four. I consider it a story bridge.

The third book goes into more detail of Edward and Bella’s relationship and of course the impending doom awaiting them. It’s nice to get back to the reasons you read the first one and read along as they develop their relationship.

Breaking Dawn:
The fourth book was well….. weird. That’s the only way I can describe it – just weird. Breaking Dawn ties the story up nicely but then opens a new box of worms in its own little way. I know many think there will be a 5th Bella and Edward book but in all honestly I think their story is done. If you read the last few chapters the author, Stephenie Meyer makes a comment about good byes and then writing the word “the end” on a final page of a manuscript. Book four then ends with a “The End” page. I know we have Midnight Sun to look forward to but that isn’t a continuation of Bella and Edward’s story just a re-telling through Edwards eyes. Even though I hope Midnight Sun is amazing I honestly believe she’s done developing new stories for them. Maybe a few spin off books centered on other family members.

But it doesn’t end there; after reading all four books and no computer- like anyone could have riped them from my hand anyway, I set out to watch the movie.

Twilight: The Movie:
Out of all five Twilight items this was the biggest disappointment. I’m harsh on movies made from books to begin with but even with giving it lots of open mindedness I am still frustrated with it. They took so many events and either cut them out or shoved them with another event. The characters aren’t developed in depth even on a movie standard. If I hadn’t read the books I would have been so clueless while watching. But I suppose I could look over some of those things, those I can’t are the small items that they could have easily carried out.

For a small example that won’t give away anything: The couch in Edward’s room. In the book it’s a black leather sofa. The movie depicts it as blue chase like couch not anywhere near the books description. Now either the producers hadn’t read the book or they just didn’t care enough to do it properly. Why couldn’t they just get a black couch? See I told you they were small items, but things that were screaming off the screen at me.

So there you have it I’ve read Twilight – Everyone can stop bugging me about it. I’ve got better things to do…. Like go re-read book one.

Books read in 2009: 17
Books to read in 2009: 33