Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great Reads and giveaway reminder!

Don’t forget we have a great $30 Kroger gift card giveaway going on right now. Click HERE to find out how you can sign up.

I’m still trying to get a grip on things around here so I’m going to “borrow” some great post from my RSS reader to keep you entertained.

Frugal Dad has a great post up; “Keep your cash, I want my clunker”. He’s used some great spreadsheets to explain why this government rebate program might not be the best option for you.

The new author at Blogging away Debt has a list of her reasons for optimism in finances. I really need to sit down and make a similar list myself.

Check out Jamie at I’m a money magnet to see her first Kroger shopping trip. She was able to pick up a ton of items and spent a total $.73 out of pocket!! Find out more about the Kroger mega event and learn how you can win a $30 gift card from HERE