Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One exciting week...

Remember last week when I said was having an “exciting” week?

This is part of the reason why.

Last Thursday while driving home from work Matt and I were rear ended. We were stopped waiting for a car to turn when a driver behind us decided she couldn’t wait and while changing lanes took out us and the car in the other lane. From the looks of it she was going about 25 to 30 and never put on her brakes. Thankfully she only side swiped us otherwise I’m sure the damage would have been much worse.

Since Matt and I only have PLPD cover we are only entitled to $500 from the other driver's insurance which won’t cover the damage. At first I wanted to pay the money to have it fixed but now that I’m calmer I think we’ll just realize we own a 12 year old car – now complete with a dent.

I do need to at least get a new light cover. Anyone know a place where I can find a cheap one?