Friday, August 14, 2009

Using your freebies

I’ve had a few people tell me it’s silly to send away for free samples or purchased trial sizes of products even if they’re free because you’ll never use them. I hope this post proves those naysayers wrong.

While in Vegas Matt and I will be exclusively using products found in my sample storage basket. Every product pictured is either a sample or a trial size purchased for cheap from earlier this year.

Our stash includes:

Dove Deodorant – Free sample
Dove body Spray – Free Sample
Ponds & Biore face wash – Free Sample
Gillette Body wash – Free from Wal-mart
Kleenex – Cheap Wal-mart purchase
Disposable razors – Free from CVS
First Aid Kit – Free from Wal-Mart
Crest Pro-health – Free sample
Clean & Clear face wash – Free sample
Caress body wash – Free sample
Head & Shoulders Shampoo – Free from Wal mart
Bath & Body Works lotion – Cheap semi annual sale purchase
Chap Stick - Cheap

Thirteen different items in a convenient carrying size all for free.
The old Meg would have gone out and purchased all of these items for full price the night before a trip.

Each item is the perfect size for traveling. Since Matt and I don’t check luggage when traveling each of these items meets FAA standards. They are the ideal size (3oz or less) and fit perfectly in our allowed clear sandwich bag; trust me it makes security so much easier.

So there – the next time you purchase a trial size or send away for a free sample don’t let anyone tell you the items will never be used. (We frugal shoppers know better)

I also always keep a trial size deodorant in the glove box of my car, just in case.
What do you use your freebies for?


Trish said...

I use them for a lot of things. Depending on the item, they're great for the purse or diaper bag. My desk drawer at work. And yes- for travel.

Meg said...

Ah you're right - I forgot about my stash at work. I always keep hand lotion and sanitizer in my drawer as well.

Anonymous said...
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