Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our New House

Right before we left for Veags I left a post stating we closed on our new home. I mentioned a few times on the blog that we were looking but hadn’t talked much about it. Basically I didn’t want to jinx anything but since it’s 100% ours now I feel safe showing pictures.

So here it is …

This is also the reason I’ve been really busy, Matt and I are dividing our time between both working full time, fixing up our current home so we can put it on the market and get our new home finished so we can move in at some point.

We’ve been trying to take a few before, during, and after pictures as we work – so I’ll try and post some for you when I can.

We really need to try and get a decent price for our current home, even in this market. Our new home is just a little smaller than our current one but is in a much better neighborhood which will provide us with a better long term living option. I’m so ready live in a home where I don’t have to wonder if that loud noise was fireworks or gun shots.


Meg said...


and I agree about the yellow. I LOVE it.
It's one of the main reasons I liked the house so much in the beginning. Every other house on the block is white or tan... until you get to ours that is :)