Monday, December 1, 2008

Semi impulse shopping

Normally the impulse buy is my downfall when it comes to shopping, but lately I've been pretty good about waiting on purchases and thinking our buying decision through.

But as many do at some point, I slipped. Yesterday we purchased a new dinning room table. I say it was a semi impulse buy because technically I've been looking for a table for over a year now, but could never find anything I liked in our price range.

That all changed when I saw this

We bought it about five minutes after seeing it. I love the table and the price tag. A cherry pub table and four stools for less than $150. I imagine one day we'll have to buy different chairs, but for now it's perfect. I've seen the same table set at Wal-Mart for over $200 so I think we got a great deal. I'm so excited because now that our debt is paid off the house is finally starting to come together (almost four years after moving in).