Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wicked - Book Review

I finished up Wicked on my birthday last Friday. Let’s just say I was quite surprised. Matt and I saw Wicked the play in Chicago back in September 2007. It has been about a year and half so I don’t recall every thing about the play but I can say they are very different. Sure the locations and the characters are the same, but other than that nothing but very loose associations.

The play is fun and upbeat while the book is rather dark and very PG-13 if not R. You finish the play feeling positive and a little sympathetic with the witch; not so with the book. In most cases I read a book and love it only to have the movie be an utter disappointment; this time it was the exact opposite. The play is so much better. Had I read the book first I probably wouldn’t have seen the play at all and I would have missed out on something great. All my favorite parts of the play are missing or completely different.

Although; when looking at the book and not considering the play in the equation it was an ok read. I probably won’t read it again but I’m not going to paperbackswap it either.

Have you read Wicked, what did you think?

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