Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a tale from Anthony Burgess about an adolescent boy, Alex. Alex is, “Our humble Narrator” who takes us on a journey through his youth in London (set in a future time period).

We read as Alex goes through what I’ll call an extreme rebellious period – his reformation and subsequent life choices. Sometimes when I read what others call “an American classic” I’m left wondering why exactly the book was given that honor, but I can see why A Clockwork Orange was. It’s a gruesome but cautionary tale of violence and government repression (in some sorts). Alex is originally allowed the choice of good or evil before others try to take it away, which makes the question of this novel. Is it better to have the choice of good or evil, even if people may pick evil?

The storyline and character actions often go to the extreme but I think there is a great point to be found within these pages that is still functional today.

One caution: Burgess uses many of his own slang words through the novel – I found a great online site and spent most of the first six/seven chapters translating from their dictionary.

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