Sunday, September 20, 2009

Labor Day Sales

I’m a two weeks late posting these but I wanted to share some of the items I purchased at our Labor Day Yard sale extravaganza. (On a side note I looked for fun ties but only found the boring plaid kind – sorry Dad but I’ll keep my eye out).

I paid $1 for these three gourds which I plan to give to my mom, she makes bird houses with them and they’re amazing – I’ll have to share pictures one day.

The chair was $2 and I’m hoping my Mom will teach me how to reupholster it – as a thank you for the gourds of course. : ) (I’m sneaky like that). I love the curves of the chair and think it would be great in a nice retro color and maybe a dark stain. I’ll have to see what I can find.

The glass bottle was $.75. The man selling them had boxes full of old bottles, but since I couldn’t take them all I ultimately had to go with the one that most caught my eye. Green glass is always my first pick.

There is one more weekend of my favorite thrift sale and then the season is basically over here in Michigan.

Head over to Southern Hospitality to see what everyone else was able to pick up this weekend and post your own link to join in her party.


Kammy said...

Great finds ! Super easy to re-upholster - check out some ways on you tube.....

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

That chair should be gorgeous once you recover it. Good finds! Thanks for joining the party.

Audra said...

That chair is amazing, what great lines and character. I have a thing for chairs, can't wait to see it after it's transformation.