Friday, September 25, 2009

Good reads 9/25/09

Cheap and super cute pumpkin decorations at Chocolate on my Cranium Seriously they're made from toilet paper rolls and fabric - don't believe me that it could be adorable then check it out for yourself.

Debt free living is attainable if you want it From Wisebread.

The Best Online Banks for Emergency Funds from Frugal Dad

A great list of Companies to email for coupons from Nicole's Nickels

Millionaire Mommy Next Door has a gust post up on Are you Saving enough for Retirement - Use these 4 simple rules to find out

The Craftzine blog has a tutorial on How to sew a small lined purse

A great post on How to make a set of floral lights from The Crafty Chica.

Learn how to recycle old candles into new ones at Recycled Crafts

Ever wanted to recreate some of those delicious restaurant meals at home? Stop by Money Saving Mom to download A free copycat restaurant recipe ebook

Did you know if you write off credit card debt you still have to claim it on your taxes? Yeah, neither did I. Stop by Wise Bread to read their article on Forgiven debt isn't really forgiven at all

Frugal in Virginia has a Reminder to get ready for after holiday clearance deals - Last year I purchased almost all our Christmas gifts for this year by the end of January 2009. We've put a little bit of money away each month throughout the year and I plan to take that money to do it all over again this year. It's so nice to have a stress free holiday.