Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Sales of the Season

I have two weeks of finds to share with you tonight.
There is one last day of my favorite flea market for the year at the end of October so we might have one more post but it won't be for a few weeks.

This old Christmas tree reminds me of one my grandma always has on her table during the holidays. I thought it was a steal at $2, plus it came with a full bag of extra bulbs, I just need to buy a light for it.

A new Volunteers of America Thrift Store opened near our home and they had some great stuff inside. I picked up the two parfait dishes for $.30 each, the cool glass vase has a really neat shape unlike anything I've seen before it was $.60. The fairy light was only $4 so of course I had to have it. And lastly there was a bag of these fake wooden butterflies and some gold ones wrapped around for $1.50. My Mom had a set of these when I was young (I even have photographic proof) so I couldn't leave the store without them. I plan to put the big ones in our new kitchen and I'll figure out what to do with the metal ones later.

My last find are these two glass lamps. They don't look great right now but I plan to clean them up and fix the bases. At $3 I couldn't let them go - I've been looking for two lamps that would fit any decor and have an old feel to them. I plan to make some great shades and use them in our new sitting/living room.

Stop by Rhonda’s party at Southern Hospitality to see even more yard sales deals. It's her last party for the year so you don't want to miss it.


Alicia said...

Love the lamps! They do have that old feel to them. Please post photos of them with the lampshades, would love to see. I have a set of those metal butterflies and I love them! Great finds, thanks for sharing.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

We have a ceramic Christmas tree similur to yours. My husbands Grandma made it for us and it is my husbands favorite Christmas decoration.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Gosh I love lamps like that. I brought home quite a few vintage lamps until my family started saying, um another lamp?

New lamps are crazy expensive and the old ones can be had so cheap, and they are so nice!