Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kroger Savings

We finally made it to Kroger today and did ok. We spent a little more out of pocket than I would have liked, only because I think we can do better.
Our Kroger hasn’t had any great ads lately but this week they beat Meijer by a long shot.
We ended up with:

3 Minute Maid Lemonades $.99
6 Banquet Frozen Meals $.70 (after deal)
9 * 2 – Liters of Coke $.70 (after deal)
1 Kroger Ranch $.70 (after deal)
2 Pizza Rolls $.70 (ad)
2 Totino Pizzas $.70 (ad)
4 Blocks of Kroger Cheese $1.52
1 small package of turkey for lunches $.59

Coupons & Discounts
We bought 20 of the participating items and had $6 taken off the bill
I used a $.55 Pizza rolls coupon
I also used a $5 gift card I won during the Indiana Jones Sweeps
(who said playing sweeps doesn’t pay off?)

Total after $6 off and $5 gift card

We saved $26.75 for just coupons and the other $5 for a total savings of $32.75. That’s around 62% savings.
Like I said I can handle that. Anything over 50% makes me happy.