Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Books!

Look what I got in the mail today… for FREE!

Over the last week I’ve sent off nine books for others to read through the paperbackswap.com website. Now we have a ton of credits to use in order to get more books, and I can always use new books.

If you read a lot and haven’t signed up for paperbackswap yet you should. You can find out more about the program by visiting their website, basically it is an online community where you can swap books with other members for little out of pocket.

It’s free to join paperbackswap.com. Once you’re a member you can then list any book you’d be willing to send to another member. If someone requests a book from your collection you receive a credit after mailing it to them. Then you get to use that credit to request your own book, as I did with Friday Night Knitting Club.

The only cost is any postage you incur in mailing out a book. So technically my Friday Night Knitting Club wasn’t 100% free since I had to send a book to someone else, but on average it only cost about $2.40 to mail a normal sized paper back. (Hard covers can cost slightly more to mail)

Last week I saw the Friday Night Knitting Club at Target for about $11 and on Amazon.com it’s currently selling for about $2 plus $3 shipping. So even after paying the shipping cost for my old book I still saved $2.60 on even the lowest purchasing option. That’s a 52% savings. Cheaper than any book store.

Don’t believe me on just how easy it is? Sign up today at paperbackswap.com. and list your first ten books in order to earn TWO credits without having to mail anything.


Anonymous said...

Watch out using Paperbackswap. I have received moldy books and smokey books that were too disgusting to read and when I complained to paperbackswap librarian they canceled my account! Many of the books I got were fine, but having my account canceled, especially after paying them for some additional books I never received is outrageous! I like th idea of swapping sites, but paperbackswap is a scam!