Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Green Christmas

Are you planning a holiday gathering this year? If so don't finalize the details until you have read the Plan a Green Holiday Party article by Plenty Magazine. I've been receiving their magazine on a free subscription and love it. It might be the only publication I actually read cover to cover.

Eco tips in this article run the gambit from a plantable invitation, local food including drinks, party supplies and decorations.

Best of all the author gives you permission to purchase a keg for this years celebration, for those of you just looking for a reason to haul one in the basement. They are considerably more eco friendly as they don't produce waste like cans or bottles. Just make sure your guest are drinking from reusable cups.

This year I'm trying to wrap all of our gifts in some form of "better" wrapping paper. But reading this article has made me think of other places we can make a few changes. One small but needed change we'll be making this year will be serving everyone on real plates, not paper anymore. Why create all that extra waste just so you don't have to do dishes? And if your worried about little Benny dropping the good china pick up a few reusable plastic plates and use them again next year. They sell them very cheap at Wal-Mart with cute holiday designs.

Are you changing anything about your holiday celebrations this year, whether it be to save money or be more green?