Saturday, December 13, 2008

Steve & Barry's Shopping Trip

As you may have heard Steve and Barry's is going out of business.

Matt and I love this store, we have three in the immediate area and their prices are great for school merchandise. In fact Steve and Barry's probably made up 80% of my wardrobe during college. Where else can you get a shirt for $5 and pants for $8? Because of the recent bad news the stores are marked down anywhere from 40 to 70 percent.

We were able to pick up all the items pictures above for $113.38.

For Matt we purchased
5 pairs of khaki pants
2 pair of jeans
2 shirts
1 dress shirt

I walked away with
3 pairs of dress pants
2 dress shirts
2 plain shirts
1 sweater vest thing

I also bought 4 bibs and a onsie for future craft use.
That's a ton of clothes for $113. I plan to stop by at least one more time once things are marked down again to stock up on some other things.

I also asked and they will be selling their hangers and other fixtures before the stores completely close down. I'm thinking of picking up some of their wooden hangers especially if they go for a decent price and maybe one of their hanging racks to use next to our washer.


MoonGoddess said...

I seriously hate that this place is closing. I too have loved being able to get clothes for such a great price!

I will certainly have to go see if I can get a few more basics before we lose them forever.

Loving the blog!