Monday, December 22, 2008

Not your average gift basket

I was all about the unique gift options for the holidays this year. One of the gifts we'll be giving away this week has a movie theme. Well movie and dinner theme rather.

I purchased four of these popcorn tubs for $1 each at Target. They are tied together with some thick white ribbon (left over from our wedding) and I used a little left over tissue paper to top it off. In each of the four tubs is a gift pertaining to the movie/dinner theme. There is an Applebees gift card, two movie tickets, and a few coupons for popcorn/pop.

Below is a close up of the envelope I stuck the gift card in. I just did a simple envelope fold from Mirkwood designs . I used a Mrs. Dash ad from an old magazine since it featured a picture of food.

I think it came together really well and hopefully will give the recipient a big smile. I love that this gift basket becomes a gift the whole family can use throughout the year when watching movies at home.