Sunday, January 18, 2009

CVS & Walmart Savings 1/18 - Freebies

I love when you shop and get things for free, it makes me even happier when I get paid to take things home. Today was a good shopping day, even though I wasn't able to find any of the Free Febreze candles. I might stop by tomorrow night and scan a few more at the "not so great" CVS, I really want to try them but not enough that I'm willing to pay $7.99.

At CVS today I had $14.57 to spend and not a lot of great sales to roll over the ECB's with so I decided to just spend them. Free stuff is still free stuff sometimes you have to accept you can't roll over everything.

4 Pepsi 2 liters $5.40
2 Excedrin 20 ct $3.98
~ $2 Excedrin
~ $1 Excedrin
1 Febreze spray $4.99
~ $1 off Febreze
6 Dawn dish soap B1G1 $5.97
(3) ~$1 off 2 Dawn coupon
2 reusable shopping bags $1.98

Total: $22.32
Coupons: $7
ECB's Used: $14.57 and $.75 out of pocket

I didn't earn any ecb's in the transaction but I did receive $38.35 in merchandise for less than a dollar so I'm ok with that. I'm sure I'll build my stash back up.

At Walmart we picked up quite a bit and got paid to do it. =I used the overage to purchase a marked down toy for Christmas next year.

12 Johnson's buddies soap $11.88
I hate buying that much at one time b/c I might be taking some from someone else but I won't be back to Walmart in a while and needed to use the coupons
~(4) $3 off 3 Johnson's product
4 Kotex pads $4
~ (4) $1 off any Kotex product
4 First Aid kits $3.88
~ (2) $3 off any 2 First aid kits

Total: $19.76 + $1.18 tax
Coupons: $22
Profit: $1.06


Allie Z said...

I love it! I did the Target transaction too. We love Buddies soap. Seems like we have more than Target now ;)