Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why I continue to drive a 12 year old car

Last Wednesday I found this great guest post on Get Rich Slowly by Joel Berry on Why I drive a 13 Year old car . His car is 13 years old and still going strong. Berry gives some great examples and the math on why he continues to drive an old car.

Many times I’ve been asked why I don’t upgrade or why we are a one car family now when we don’t have to be. I usually answer how nice it is to not have a car payment and yada yada through it, but there are always so many more reasons I can never vocalize. Berry does a great job explaining in detail why we continue to drive our old cars and why we’ll buy used again.

Just as many don’t understand why I drive a used car I don’t understand why anyone would lease a vehicle or think they need a new car for some crazy self justified reason. I even had one co-worker tell me they’d never buy a used car because they don’t want someone else’s problem. I played nice (because that’s what HR has to do) but my first thought was, “No you’d rather take a 30% loss in investment within the first five miles than make a smart financial decision”. I swear I wish I could run a Suze Orman “Can I Afford it” segment during our lunch period. Maybe I should buy a big denied stamp to practice.

Let me be the first to tell you. You DO NOT NEED a new car. You will not die if you don't have one, you're children will not grow up to hate you without one. Having a new car doesn't make you any better of a person. It's all in your head. Get over it and move on to securing your financial freedom.

Do you drive an old car? What's your favorite part of having an older vehicle?

I love not having a car payment, expensive insurance, and since I've driven the car for so many years I know exactly what to expect in any weather condition. See there are so many good points to driving an old car I couldn't stick to one.

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esther said...

my sis drives an 18 year old's physically worn out, but my dad maintains the car pretty well. It drives and serves her purpose in commuting. so why need a new one? ;)...but ultimately it all depends on the person if they are picky or not. Some people like to change cars every other year and get the top of the line, some like to drive the car til it's non-fixable...

Sunnie said...

My vehicle is 9 years old and I smile every time I get in it!!! I love love love it!! I have no car payment and my insurance is reasonable!! To all of those with whopper monthly payments and insurance you can have it --- and I will keep and my paid off vehicle!!

Jen said...

My car is 15 years old this year, and I love it for all the same reasons. There are maintenance costs, but not nearly what a new car payment, insurance (for new car)and other fees would be. Did I say I love it?

Anonymous said...

oh my! I have '99 camry and it is a classic style and color. It has had some recent repairs that it would be foolish to NOT get my money's worth out of it. ALSO a NEW car gives you a nice higher rate for your auto insurance. A NEW car kinda draws un-needed attention:"oh I see you have a NEW CAR." If you roae trying to be thrifty, get bargains, garage sale it, don't drive up in a new car and expect someone to bargain with you

Michelle @ Leaving Excess said...

I cannot bring myself to buy new, either. We have bought newer, then held on to it as long as possible. Sure the newer cars are stain-free and smell great. Give my four kids six months - and that is over! And then I would still have car payments - yikes!