Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life of Pi - Book Review

I finished Life of Pi by Yann Martel last week. I never know what to say when I dislike a book so it always takes longer to get these reviews done. The book is an easy read and it’s a good piece of fiction, it’s just not really my style. From reading the little I had about it before I picked it up I thought it was a motivational story. Something like (the Alchemist) but it is just a work of semi fiction. It’s a 20th century tall tale if anything. And while Pi experiences a horrible ordeal and somehow found a way to cope with it, which I do commend him for I didn’t find the story to be anything more than a good read. In fact I was a little mad when I finished the last page and realized that was it, the great finale had come and gone, not so greatly. I read 100 chapters and wasn't swayed once. This is a book I would suggest you research before deciding to read it or not.

As for me I think I’m taking a new approach to how I select my reading material for now on. If more than seven people tell me I MUST read a book because it is amazing; I’m gonna pass. The no name books I judge based by their covers at library sales always seem to be better than those I'm talked into reading by others.

Books read in 2009 : 2
Books remaining: 48

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MoonGoddess said...

I think that sometimes the right book just finds you. I have weird taste in books too because I just don't typically enjoy the same thing everyone else does.

Good luck with the next one! Hope its a moving page turner.