Sunday, June 7, 2009

Financial Update: May 2009

So another month has passed which means it’s that time again, time to go over the month of May’s finances.

If you didn’t notice my lack of posting this month, I’ve kind of been in a blah mood lately and that shows with our finances as well. We still have 100 things going on but we’ve got to get back in order during the month of June.

Here’s our savings numbers for last month (April):

Car: $4315.91
Emergency: $1005.08
Dream Fund: $1005.08

Fast Food: $331

And for the month of May:

Car: $4503.88
Emergency: $3611.10 (72% towards goal of $5000)
Dream Fund: $1025.11

Fast Food: $280 +

So we didn’t do great in the fast food category but it was been than the month before so I can’t complain too much, it is our biggest weakness after all.

I hope that we can finish off the Emergency fun during the month of June, but I've had a short week at work (which means a small check) and Matt has two unpaid furlough days (thanks to our wonderful Governor). We're going to give it our best shot either way.