Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Reads:

Lots of good stuff around the internet this week.

Get Rich Slowly answers the First three steps to financial freedom - It's good to know we're working on all three steps
He also posted a great guest post titled The Wisdom of my Father

At Wise Bread you can read up on The 47 ways to waste money plus Getting by on less money - 3 ways it's easier than you think and information about the new Cash for Clunkers bill


Craftzine has directions on how to make Pantyhose Petals - These are so cute, but where can I find blue pantyhose?

Also at Craftzine - how to make a mini lantern and a wedding veil

How About Orange has directions on how to make recycled magazine coasters - I so have to find time to make a few of these this weekend along with this recycled newspaper basket