Saturday, June 20, 2009

Michigan Summers....

So I’m pretty sure it’s officially summer here in Michigan. I can’t be positive since we never had a spring… at least I don’t think we did, I don’t remember any spring like days. One afternoon it was 50 degrees the next was 80 and muggy.

At least we haven’t turned on our AC yet, a fact I’m very proud of. We have had to turn on the furnace fan just to help a little bit with the heat but the fan uses much less energy than the AC, at least that’s what I imagine, I haven’t actually done any research on the matter.

I’d like to leave the AC off until at least July 1st. Humidity doesn’t normally bother me like it does others, I like it a nice 80-85 degrees with a little perspiration in the atmosphere, but once my lungs start swimming in water heavy air I need a little relief. Once that day hits we’ll have to turn on the AC – just at least to take the edge off.