Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Just One Philosophy...

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately. I haven’t sorted coupons or even done any shopping – basically you could say, I’ve been trying to just keep my head above water. When I do have any free time I tend to zone out rather than accomplish any blog or house projects.

I realized after spending Memorial Day weekend away from the computer and reading that I really miss having time to just sit and do the things I enjoy. I’m not 100% sure how to get the balance back in my life. I have 100 things to do but when I do have free time I’m exhausted and end up doing nothing because it’s all rather overwhelming. To try and conquer this I’m starting a new philosophy, the Just One philosophy.

The Just One philosophy is allowing myself just that… one… of anything. Something, anything, can get out of control when it takes over your life. Having two rooms of your basement used for a messy stock pile, shopping seven days a week, buying nothing unless it’s on some kind of sale, or combing through blogs (on any topic) all afternoon – It’s bound in a way to take over all your thoughts and life style.

So I’ve decided I’ll be applying the just one philosophy to many aspect of my life – especially those parts I feel aren’t directly effecting my happiness or have taken up a little too much of my time.

For example – I have one area of my house I use to stock pile bathroom supplies. Within this stock pile I’m going to have just one container of something. I have a tendency to buy hand lotion in abundance – before it can continue to take over my home I’m going to limit myself to one small drawer of lotion – just one. Ok so not just one hand lotion (I’m not to that point yet) but believe me getting it down to one drawer and not buying any more is an accomplishment for me. I even skipped this years semi annual sale at Bath and Body Works (truly a miracle)

It’s so easy to let yourself get carried away and before you even realize it you’ve got toothpaste hiding out in a kitchen cabinet. Yet, I’m not going to just use this on stuff I’m also going to use it to manage my time better. Often I come home from work wanting to do ten things and not actually accomplishing half of them; then the guilt sinks in, mainly because I didn’t finish my list and I’m even more wore out because I had no “me” time. I shouldn’t feel guilty for taking an hour of me time once a day – and I’m not going to anymore.

This blog is a great example – and you should take this post as a warning – things are going to probably change a little bit. I started blogging because I wanted to share our successes and keep us on track for our savings goals, but lately I feel like the blog has become work. So for now on I’m going to post about a wide source of topics. Don’t worry there will still be lots of green living, money saving, and thrift shopping experiences (those are things I still love) but if I don’t make it to CVS every weekend I hope you won’t mind.

I’ve got to get back on track with doing the things that I enjoy and are important to me, but I hope you’ll stick around for the duration.