Monday, June 29, 2009

Natural Valley Granola Nut Clusters

I love when you get the mail and find a great surprise. On Friday I opened the door to find a little box from Nature Valley with four full size samples of their new Granola Nut Clusters.

The new granola nut clusters come in four flavors; nut lovers, roasted almond, roasted cashew, and honey roasted peanut (amazing). Matt and I ate a full bag this weekend and they were great. I plan to take the rest of them to work and let others share the wealth.

I’ll definitely be looking for coupons to purchase some more – they’d be a great snack during a road trip.

Have you had the chance to try them yet? What did you think?


Frugal in Virginia said...

I haven't tried these yet but they sound delicious! Thanks for sharing.