Friday, July 18, 2008

CVS 7/18

Matt and I stopped by CVS on Thursday. Of course they were out of Sure deodorant and 4x6 books (realized after I’d already made mine). I had planned to do two transactions but with the limited quanities and my inability to find any extra $3 off coupons for the books I only ended up doing one. And trust me I looked for that coupon…everywhere, those who got them are lucky. I’ll have to keep my eye out more in the future.


2 Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Polish (@.99) - $1.98
1 Airwick Freshmatic starter kit - $4.99
1 6x8 Photo book - $ 7.99
1 4x6 Photo book - $3.90 (not pictured – we have to pick up later)
1 CVS make up removers - $2.99

$4 – Airwick
$3/2 Sally Hansen (reduced to $1.98)
$2 CVS skin care product
$3/$15 CVS Coupon !!!!!!!

Total Cost: $21.85
Coupons Used: $10.87
ECBs used: $9.49
Cash: $1.82 (could have been less but I got distracted)

Ecb’s earned: $12.98 ($1 CVS wipes, $7.99 photo book, $3.99 photo book)

YTD Savings: $126.57
Spending: $4.42

I only use Hard as Nails clear polish so finding it for this deal was great.

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