Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You really can win at sweeps

When I first started entering instant win games and sweeps I didn’t think I’d ever win anything, I’m not the lucky type. Two days later and I won a movie ticket. I was still skeptical thinking my theater wouldn’t take it or something. When they did, I was hooked.

Now I’m like the sweeps Queen. I love entering every day, most the games are fun, and its amazing the things I’ve actually won so far.

To date I have won two movie tickets, a $5 subway gift card, $5 Kroger gift card, a $15 Target gift card (from Spraychel still going on), and this morning I picked up a free pair of Adidas shoes from the Mt.Dew Old School New School Contest.

What do I have to do to win this great free stuff?? I play a few games online while watching tv or enter a few codes from the 1,000 Mt.Dew bottles my co-workers consume every day. There is no hoop jumping like I thought or scams, not even spam. It’s amazing really. I had no idea how easy it really is to win all these great prizes.

Just in gift cards alone I brought in $25 for the month of June. That’s not counting the cost of the free movie tickets, coupons, and other freebie samples I’ve received. My total is probably more around $100.

I just had to share how amazing playing these sweeps really are and how easy it is to win. If you haven’t played an instant win before take a look at my posting here and sign up for a few today, you never know what will end up in your mailbox.