Thursday, July 31, 2008

$5,000 with Duck Tape

You can win $5,000 with the Duck Tape Duck Saves the Day Contest.

A wise man once said, "The one thing people love more than duct tape, is telling their duct tape story"

One grand prize winner will receive $5,000 and a years supply of duck tape. Ten random entries will win $500 and a years supply of duct tape.

You can enter your duck tape saved the day story (250 words) until December 31st. (the website says 2007 but I just received an advertisment on this which said 2008)
In 2007 they had 2,600 people share a story, so really you odds of winning with a creative entry are higher than most contest.

If you enter let me know and we'll highlight some of your great projects. I received none of my Mother's creative talent so I'll be sitting this one out.