Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cat Chair Blanket Craft

About five years ago I received a huge bag of blue yarn from a friend (you can’t pass up free yarn no matter how much you dislike the color). I’m still trying to use up all the yarn but I swear there will be none left by the end of 2009.

I used a few yards of it last week by crocheting two quick and simple double stitch blankets for our new chairs. The cats love to sleep on the backs of the new chairs, but I was not loving all the hair they left behind. I figured making a simple blanket to lay over the top would solve the problem. So far both cats seem to be liking them, in fact I suspect they lay on them and laugh at the dog, chanting things like "she loves us more". He's tried to jump up and get a good nap in on one as well but so far he hasn't mastered balancing when the chairs rock. It's rather funny for us to watch while much more terrifying for him I suppose.

I’m also liking how little the solution affected our pocketbook. Buying two additional throw blankets just for the cats to nap on would have cost much more than I wanted to spend. This option was free, the best kind of solution.