Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Extra Income Update - January

At the beginning of the year I set a few financial goals for Matt and I.

I plan to update on our progress each month. I won't bore you with the normal budget updates as those numbers will pretty much stay the same from month to month. I do however want to keep track of how much money we are able to put into each of our savings accounts.

If you'll recall from this post we want to put about $21,500 into savings this year. A hefty number, but one I think we can hit. In order to make this mark we need to come up with an extra $5,500 throughout the year on top of our regular wages.

Here's how we earned some extra money in January.

$100 - Late Christmas gift
$111 - Various Craigslist.com sales
$125 - Side computer job from Matt
$ 5 - Sold one scarf on Etsy

Without doing much work we were able to bring in an extra $341 for the month of January. It doesn't seem like a ton but it works out to 6% of our $5,500 goal. Plus selling things on craigslist.com allowed us to work on our other goal of stuff reduction.

Best yet, as of February 2nd I've already made another $40 from selling items online!