Monday, February 16, 2009

My Confession

Remember how I said people can justify anything including myself? Well here is my confession. Matt and I have made a few big purchases lately and spent a lot of money, but we did it frugally. :) If spending can ever be frugal. (see my rationalizations)
So what did we buy...

Well lets see, it all started last month when we bought not one but TWO lazy boy chairs. In our defense both chairs were more than 50% off meaning we purchased both for the cost of what one would have. And we didn't buy until we absolutely had to. The seat of our old chair had completely broken so we resorted to shoving pillows in the hole to try and even it out. When someone came over to visit we made sure they didn't end up in that chair. I don't think anyone can say we didn't use it until it's last dying day.

Our other purchase which we really didn't need was a 60" TV. But hear me out on this one, our current TV was over twelve years old and we realized last year that we'd have to buy a new one soon. When Circuit City closed we purchased it on one of their last days for less than the old one cost twelve years ago. Plus it was a price we were ok with - actually we had planned to spend more so we ended up with a deal, just a deal sooner than we had planned on.

There I've confessed and I feel a little better about it. Now on to another topic to make you forget about my financial irresponsibility.

As many of you probably know Obama is scheduled to sign the stimulus package tomorrow. The feelings about the package seem to vary widely. Some seem to believe it's amazing and others think it will only increase the recession.

So my question is... how do you feel about the stimulus package? Do you think it will help our economy or cause more damage? And what do you plan to do with the few extra dollars in your check each week?

Ours will go towards our 12K year end goal which probably isn't helping to stimulate the economy much but it is stimulating our savings account.