Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free Waffle Maker from Swagbucks!

This is our new waffle maker, isn’t it nice? At this point you’re probably wondering why I’m taking and admiring photos of a waffle maker huh?

The answer will become clear when I tell you that I spent nothing, nada, zero and zilch of my own money on buying this waffle maker. Now you’re looking at that picture a little different huh? Of course at this point you’re asking yourself how right? Swagbucks my friends, Swagbucks. I can not say enough good things about this site! Seriously if you haven’t signed up yet you should… right now. Even if you don’t use my referral link (although you should) please go sign up for this program.

All I did to get my waffle maker was search the net and they paid me in amazon gift cards. I plan to batch bake up some waffles to freeze so not only did Swagbucks get me a FREE waffle maker it’s helping me save even more on food.

You can go HERE to read my full post about Swagbucks or the short version below.

Step One: Sign up for Swagbucks
- What’s Swagbucks you ask?? Swagbucks is an internet search engine that pays you for searching the internet through their site.

Step Two: Use their site every time you search the internet
You can even download a browser tool bar and search directly from that. Their search engine is powered by Google and Ask.

Step Three: Cash in your Swagbucks for a free $5 Amazon gift card (it takes 45)

It’s that simple
So why aren’t you on Swagbucks yet?

Or if you’re already a member what have you traded in your bucks for lately?


Rachal said...

So when do the Amazon gift cards expire? Do you cash in on the 5 dollar gift card as soon as you can? If I get one now, will the remainder of my swag bucks be available?

Meg said...

I dont' think the cards ever expire. When swagbucks puts the confirmation code in your account I just add it right to my amazon account and watch the amount go up. Right now I have quite a few dollars waiting to be spent.

If you have 55 swag bucks in your account and you use 45 to "purchase" an Amazon gift card You'll still have the remaining 10 bucks in your swag account to keep growing.

I hope that made sense. Sometimes I wander :)