Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Free Stuff @ Menards

I wasn't going to pick up any of the FREE after rebate items from Menards this week, but I had to purchase some canning jars and they were the only place in town that had them. I figure if you're already spending the $10 needed to qualify for Free after rebate items you probably should just pick some up.

Here's what I was able to grab

2 Handy lights $6
2 Rayovac 4 pack batteries $4
5 Jar air freshners $5
2 Super hooks $6
1 Kitchen cleaner $2.50
2 Automotive wipes $6
2 Nano glue $6

That's $35.50 of free stuff. And not just stuff to clutter up the house (that would be in direct conflict of our 30% reduction goal). Most of these things will be used by us or as stocking stuffers next year for Christmas.