Monday, February 23, 2009

Stockpiling: friend or foe

I want to kick off a new blog feature for Mondays: Myth Monday. A time to analyze all those saving money, energy, and time myths we run into every day.

This week’s myth: Stockpiling

It seems like everyone has an opinion on whether stockpiling is a saver's friend or foe. Those who oppose stockpiling say it’s a waste of time, space, and money. I think it depends on how you do it. I once saw a show where an entire bathroom was dedicated to containing stockpiling items and could no longer be used for a bathroom. This is where stockpiling becomes a bad thing I agree.

Yet, when you stockpile in moderation it can save time and money. Here’s a real life example straight from our stockpile. This last week I’ve been sick, it started out as a sore throat and has developed into a stuffy nose requiring lots of Kleenex.

In the past when this happened we’d make a special trip to the store to buy Kleenex. Wasting not only the gas and time but also purchasing the product not on sale (gasp). So in reality it seems that NOT stockpiling can be a waste of time and money. This week when I’m sick and need more tissue I’ll walk upstairs and grab a box. Since we bought them on super discount (almost free) and I’m not driving to buy them we’re saving time, money, and gas. Stockpiling really does pay off.

Has your stockpile saved you time or money recently? Do you have a great blog post on how you maximize your stockpiling skills? Feel free to share in the comments section, I’d love to hear.


The Keel Gang said...

We stockpile to bulk up our food/essentials storage. It really came in handy when we were hit with the ice storm recently & without power & water for a week!! We used our food storage & water storage to save us the chaos of fighting everyone else at the store, the money/time to go out & buy what we would need to be prepared & we didn't have to compromise our safety to get out in the nasty weather. I firmly believe in stockpiling when the prices are down & you know someday the demand in your home will be up!

Meg said...

That's a great example of stockpiling saving the day


Mr Plasectomy said...

I see this as possibly being a double edged sword. We buy somethings in bulk; paper towels, toilet paper, different food items if they are on a sale, etc.

In the past we wouldn't moderate our usage of anything we bulked up on. It was almost as if because we had an abundance of a particular item, say, paper towels, we would actually use more of them instead of using dish towels to clean up spills. We don't do this anymore.

Food is different as we will take advantage of the deep discount sales and stock up knowing that that particular sale will not be around again for a few weeks. I think it really comes down to moderation of your stockpile. Just because you have it doesn't mean you burn through it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a believer in stockpiling. I agree with the previous comment about it saving you in the case of emergency such as winter storms. Another time it really comes in handy is when you have a job loss or are in between jobs. In today's economy you never know what is going to happen next, so I believe it's good to be like the ant instead of the grasshopper.