Thursday, August 7, 2008

~ Bloggy Vacation ~

I will be out of town until late Sunday night. Matt and I are going on a quick trip to North Carolina for a long weekend. I promise I had all these high expectations of leaving you with enough pre dated post that you wouldn't have even known I was gone. I had all kinds of topics planned to keep your interest. Really I did, I swear.

Sadly, with working 35 hours in the last three days, trying to pack, and not falling over from exhaustion, I just ran out of time. This will be my last post until at least Monday night. In fact as you're reading this Matt and I are already on the road, hopefully for quite some time.

I do promise however, to return with a slew of post. I'm even planning another giveaway, so keep checking back. Until my return make sure to check out the giveaway happening right now at Frugal in Virginia and all the great links to the left <--

I'll see you all Monday


On Fire For Jesus said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am doing my own coupon giveaway - especially after I won yours! I have 200+ coupons to giveway by Sunday night!