Thursday, August 21, 2008

Freezing Bread

Recently Matt and I started freezing bread. It kind of happened by accident actually. When we first started using coupons Meijer had a great sale on bread. I can’t remember the exact deal but it was something great (like buy 1 get 3 – seriously). Although we would never go through that much bread before it went bad, it was a great deal so I decided to google freezing. I thought it would be difficult, but the whole process has turned out to be easy and successful.

How we freeze bread
Apparently there are lots of ways to freeze bread but I like to keep it simple.

Step One: Buy Bread (on sale of course) : )
Step Two: Squeeze air out of bag
Step Three: Lay in freezer
Step Four: Thaw upside down when needed

These four steps do the trick every time.
Best of all you can’t even tell it’s been frozen. Trust me when Matt will eat it with no complaints you know its good.

Since this money saving experiment went so well I plan to buy even more the next time it we have a great sale.

Has anyone else frozen bread and how has it worked out for you?


Danielle said...

Thanks for this tip- I just got three coupons for free bread (no obligation) for one particular brand, up to 3.89.
Because I can get three free loaves now, I was wondering how to do this.

Amy said...

I freeze bread all the time! I buy it on sale and take it out when I need it. My hubby really likes white bread, so if there's only wheat out, he can defrost what he needs from the freezer. :)

Rachel said...

We used to do it all the time when I was a kid, and it often came out soggy in some spots and really hard in others. Maybe we left it in there too long? I haven't tried it since. Since my husband and I only have a baby, we do put our bread in the fridge if we aren't eating it fast enough so it doesn't get moldy. It does dry it out a little.

ALC said...

Dude I'm weird about frozen bread. It has this smell when you take it out and sometimes has a taste. I'm weird lol :)