Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kellogg's Deal

I’m sure many of you already know about this and have probably done it already, but I had to share my great Kellogg’s deal.
Yesterday I purchased: 8 boxes of pop tarts, 2 Nutri-Grain bars, and a back pack for FREE!

::Here’s How::
This week at Meijer they are running a promo where if you buy $10 in Kellogg’s products you receive $10 off the purchase of a back pack. This week PopTarts are on sale for $1.34, Nutri-Grain bars & Cereal are $1.80. If you have any of those great coupon booklets from Kelloggs with the $10 rebate you can do some great deals. I some how ended up with four booklets but you really only need two at most.

8 Pop Tarts (1.34 x 8= $10.72)
4 Milkshake & 4 Regular
2 Nutri-Grain bars (1.80 x 2 = $3.60)
(cereal is included in this sale buy my store didn’t have any 12oz boxes on sale)
Back pack for $10 or less (9.99)
My store had a big selection in this range)

2 - $1/2 Milkshake pop tarts
2 - $1/2 Regular pop tarts
1 - $1/2 Nutri-Grain bars (or cereal)

Total: $24.31
Coupons: - $5
In store promotion: - $9.99
Rebate: - $10

Profit of 68 cents

And no, you’re right (Dad) we don’t need 8 boxes of Pop-tarts or a back pack but we were already at the store and the food bank is low. It took only a moment of our time and I know someone else will be able to enjoy them.


Kevin said...

Hey leave me out of this. I love pot tarts, errr did you say pop tarts? Humm I like them as well.
Now 15000 cotton balls, emmm not so much.