Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meijer 8/17

So we had another good trip to Meijer today. I spent $59.43 but we won’t have to worry about dog food for quite some time, I might even go back for more later since I now have more coupons; $.30 a pound is a good deal. I don’t know if I can pass it up. We ended up saving a total of $92.23 that’s a savings of 61% I even amazed Matt as he watched the total drop. To make things even better I plan to send in the Pop Tarts and Keebler cookies for the $10 Kellogg’s rebate. That makes this trip look a little more like this:
Total Spent: $49.43
Merchandise Received: $151.66
Savings: 67% savings!

meijer 8/17

::Break Down::
Detroit Free Press (best coupons) (1.00)
Dog Water Dish (4.19)
Meijer Eggs (1.29)
Sugar (our Church item for the week) (2.19)
Meijer Milk (2.5)
3 Kool Aid Packets (.60)
~ FREE Oscar Myer Hot Dogs (4.39 value)
2 Ore-Ida French Fries (4.18)
~ $1 off wyb 2
2 Farm Rich Cheese Sticks (3.66)
~ (2) $1 off any Farm Rich product
Uncrustables Grilled Cheese (2.5)
~ $ .55 off any Uncrustable sandwiches
2 Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Kit (11.98)
~ (2) $5 off Neutra Air
Tidy Cats Scoopable Litter (5.20) $ .26 a pound
~ $1 off Ends up being $ .21 a pound with coupon
2 Wholesome Medley B1G1 (8.59) $.57 a pound
~ (2) $2 off Wholesome Medley $ .31 a pound
Purina Little Bites Indoor Formula (13.99) $.40 a pound
~ $4 off Purina $.28 a pound (and my last $4 Purina coupon)
Breeze Little Box system (24.74)
$10 off Breeze system

$10 Kelloggs Rebate Offer
- All these items end up being FREE
8 Pop Tarts (4 regular & 4 milk shake) (10.64)
~ (4) $1 wyb 2
2 Keebler cookies (4.00)
~ $1 wyb 2

I also used
$5 on shopping order (From Colgate deal earlier)
$3.10 in pop bottle returns.

I’ve really been trying to unit price shop on certain items, dog/cat food and liter. At first I thought it was too time consuming but since I started my price book it’s been easy to keep track of what everything sells at. Knowing what each pound cost helps me to determine when we should stock up on an item, especially those that will be used and don’t expire (at least for a while). We’ve also been looking at the Breeze system for quite some time now so of course we jumped on it at 25% off and a $10 coupon!


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Hi Meg,

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