Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shredded Paper = Free packing materials

Need free shipping material? You probably already have some laying around.

We've taken another step to reducing our clutter, reusing, and upcycling as much as we can. Matt and I received a paper shredder for one of our wedding gifts. Quite possibly the gift we use the most. We were shredding our documents and then just putting the paper out with our recycling, but I wanted to do more. I'm really committed to reusing, not only to help the planet but to save on having to purchase new.

From now on all our paper shredding will be used for packing materials. My Mom has begun visiting craft shows and selling some of her items on her Etsy shop so I will be giving her all our shreds to use. Not only will this reuse our paper but she won't have to buy packing peanuts or other shipping materials that will just be thrown away, creating more waste.

You can check out her shop HERE or at the etsy link above.